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Wing Chun Dummy
Item No. 101830K Low stock
Square Hand Target
Item No. 1022 In stock
This product is a part of bundle
This product is a part of bundle
Cobra Kai Square Target
Item No. 10222 In stock
Oval Target
Item No. 1023 In stock
KicKing Oval Target
Item No. 10241 In stock
KicKing Rectangle Target
Item No. 10242 In stock
Body Shield
Item No. 1032 In stock
Cobra Kai Body Shield
Item No. 10322 In stock
Forearm Shield
Item No. 1034 In stock
Kid Kick Shield
Item No. 1035 In stock
Blast Master Shield
Item No. 1037 In stock
Slammer Shield
Item No. 1038 In stock
Powerline Tombstone Shield
Item No. 10381 In stock
Powerline Force Shield
Item No. 10391 In stock
Rebreak boards
Item No. 104414 In stock
    Blockers & Targets

    If your martial art involves punching, kicking, or any type of striking (and that’s most of them), then you’ll need targets for training (because you can only hit your training partner for so long before they get tired of it). This type of target training is essential for building coordination, improving accuracy, and perfecting footwork by working with a live partner instead of a bag.
    Muay thai pads and focus mitts are some of the commonly used targets, thanks to their versatility. Paddle targets are popular in karate and taekwondo especially. However, there is no one “right” or “wrong” target for any art. It all depends on what specific strikes you want to practice!