MMA Apparel

Fight Shorts
Item No. 090137
$9.99 - $39.95 Not available
Gameness G Shorts
Item No. 090321
$7.99 - $39.95 Make Selection
MMA Shorts
Item No. 09407
$24.99 - $29.99 Make Selection

MMA Gloves & Gear

MMA Grappling Dummies

100 Lb Ground & Pound Dummy
Item No. 101103
Junior Throwing Buddy
Item No. 10159
Versys VS.2
Item No. 10185
Black Grappling Dummy
Item No. 101670
Grapple Buddy
Item No. 10189

MMA Training Bags

Versys VS.1
Item No. 10184K
Versys VS.2
Item No. 10185
Versys VS.3
Item No. 10186K
Versys VS.BOB
Item No. 101694
Black Grappling Dummy
Item No. 101670
BOB Jacket
Item No. 101695
$149.99 Not available
Versys V.SPAR.2
Item No. 10188
BOB XL - Body Opponent Bag

Some of the most popular martial arts are grappling arts, and we have everything you need for your training. Having the correct gear allows you to train successfully and get the most out of the effort you put in.

First, you’ll need the proper training attire. Whether you do gi or no-gi grappling, Century has you covered. We have a huge selection of hi-quality gis in youth, adult, and women’s sizes, as well as belts. For no-gi sports, we have fight shorts and base layer shirts. Don’t forget other essential equipment like mouthguards, gloves, cups, headgear and padded gear!
The right gear is imperative for rigorous training and conditioning because without it, your training is not going to be as effective and your ability to work out with consistency and efficiency, and ultimately achieve a higher skill level is diminished. Low quality training equipment wears down and breaks faster which interferes with your capacity to train and can even make you more prone to injuries and other setbacks.

Here you will find the best martial arts workout gear you will need to train successfully. Browse various sparring equipment such as gloves, headgear, mouth guards, and pads as well as training accessories like mats, fitness balls, ropes, and more. Our equipment is constructed from high-quality materials that are made to last through harsh training and punishment. Gain a competitive advantage over your opponents and shop the best martial arts equipment right here at Century.