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Anti-Microbial Mouthguard Case
Item No. 14570 In stock
Shock Doctor Unisex Mouth
Carnivore Mouthguard
Item No. 14691 In stock
Century Mouth
Double Braces Mouthguard
Item No. 14589 In stock
Shock Doctor Mouth
Double Mouthguard - Clear
Item No. 1453 In stock
Century Mouth
Gel Max Mouthguard
Item No. 14581 In stock
Shock Doctor Unisex Mouth
Mouthguard Case
Item No. 1455 In stock
Century Mouth
Mouthguard System - Clear
Item No. 1458 In stock
Century Mouth
Pink Mamba Mouthguard
Item No. 14693 In stock
Youth Century Mouth
Shock Doctor Case
Item No. 109C In stock
Shock Doctor Case
Item No. 108C In stock
Shock Doctor Gel Max Power - Adult
Item No. 6921A Out of stock
$19.99 Not available
Shock Doctor Gel Max Power - Youth
Item No. 6921Y In stock
Shock Doctor Pro
Item No. 14583 In stock
Shock Doctor
Single Mouthguard
Item No. 1451 In stock
Century Unisex Mouth
Snake Eyes Mouthguard
Item No. 14692 In stock
Youth Century Unisex Mouth Multiple
    Mouth Guards

    Mouth guards are commonplace in all sports, but they are essential in martial arts, which revolve around strikes, throws, and other impacts. When fitted and worn correctly, a mouth guard can reduce the risk of injury to the teeth, jaw, and head.
    Getting a custom-fitted mouth guard is easier than ever, thanks to boil-and-bite mouth guards. Simply place the guard in hot water, let it cool slightly, then place it in your mouth and bite down (specific instructions are included with all mouth guards). If you wear braces, make sure to get a mouth guard designed to cover them, too! Plus, pick up an antimicrobial mouth guard case to help keep yours clean.
    See our blog on proper mouth guard care to learn more!