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After we made the BOB XL, we thought we were done improving on BOB. Boy were we wrong. Week after week, we had to turn away crowds of martial artists who would show up at our company headquarter doors. “Give BOB arms! Give BOB arms!” they chanted. We held out as long as possible, on the grounds that
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After we made the BOB XL, we thought we were done improving on BOB. Boy were we wrong. Week after week, we had to turn away crowds of martial artists who would show up at our company headquarter doors. “Give BOB arms! Give BOB arms!” they chanted.
We held out as long as possible, on the grounds that we don’t easily succumb to peer pressure. But eventually we realized that they had a pretty good idea, so we went ahead. And thus was born the Versys VS. BOB.

Combining the best-of-the-best features from both the Versys and BOB lines, VS. BOB is one of the most versatile bags on the market. Although you can’t see it under the black vinyl cover, there is a full BOB torso within this bag for striking training, as well as the classic BOB face for practicing eye gouges, throat and neck strikes, and more self-defense techniques. The arms, which are filled with a soft padding, can be used for trapping (common in wing chun and jeet kune do), as well as bobbing and weaving, parrying, and other moves that involve working around an opponent’s arms.

Moving down: VS. BOB stands tall on three dense foam legs. This tripod stance allows users to work on inside and outside leg kicks, attacks on the knees, and groin shots. For this reason, the VS. BOB is intensely popular within self-defense and tactical arts, such as krav maga and jeet kune do.

Although the foam in his legs is sturdy, what really keeps the VS BOB upright is what’s between them… no, lower. The three sections that form a triangle connecting his feet are sand weights. Each section weighs slightly over 36 lbs., for a total weight of 110 lbs. VS BOB stands 69” tall. 46 of those inches are in his legs; the rest is torso and head (18” – keep in mind, although his legs are 46” long, they extend out at angles so not all that length translates to height).
Height > 65 in.
Age All Ages
Bag Type Freestanding
Bag Weight > 100lbs
Brand Century
Gender Not Applicable
Line Versys
Martial Arts Style Multiple
Material Vinyl
Hazardous material False
Reviews (7)
  • Versys VS BOB
    It's okay, but the arms do not adjust.
  • The ultimate free standing bag
    Versys Bob is the ultimate training tool. I use it for conditioning, precision, accuracy, speed or even to improve all of my martial arts techniques! Whether you want to improve your punches, elbows, knees kicks, slips /rolls or trapping and self defense techniques, it will definitely help you. The fact that he has a head , arms and legs allows me to work my kicks at any levels and with different angles ,for example it allows you to practice inside and outside low kicks like you would with a partner . It’s also great to practice single leg and double leg-takedowns, arms drags ect….I like to get creative with my Versys Bob and practice crazy jump kicks it’s a lot of fun
  • Great training tool
    I teach Kuntao Ju Jitsu as well as iKali the Art of Blade and especially during Covid 19 this has been an invaluable tool as a training partner when no one is available and for students to get a realistic feel for strikes, kicks (inside, outside, groin), elbows, pary, stick, blade - it also slides depending on surface and forces stance changes. - much improved over water base Bob !
  • Response to training suggestions
    The first review looking for a way to keep the bag upright. Answer: get a boxing headgear put on the dummy and use bungee cords attached to a heavy bag stand. The second review claimed no one would fight you straight on when in fact that's exactly how a street fight will go down and training your students to handle this far more dangerous approach will only make it easier when they fight someone who volunteers to place half their striking weapons farther away from their opponents. Suggestion for improving, put a rocking waterbase so the dummy can bobb and weave and add a removable vest with soft cones all around it so as the dummy bombs and weaves and turns it represents moving blocks.
  • Great to practice accuracy
    I bought this product over a year ago. Practicing with a normal punching bag, I missed my strikes on the first few days, but now I land 99% of the time. Unfortunately, the only drawback I would say is the fact that it can be knocked off balance very easily, even having extra sandbags of the weigh down sections still could be knocked down due to the leverage. Currently trying to find a solution to this.
  • excellent dummy
    this dummy is what i have been waiting for a while. It is ALMOST perfect. i love the hands element which makes it much more trickier to execute attacks. If i had to add anything, I would say to design it from a proper fighting stance, nobody is going to come at you squared off like that, i usually turn him on an angle, but that throws off the balance of the dummy since the legs are positioned differently (takes less power to get knocked off) and then the head is turned wrong way. But other than that, this is pretty close to a perfect training dummy. To fix that last part I would add twistable head and torso something that would allow us to turn it and then set it in place.
  • Excellent Product
    Easy to assemble, durable and light enough to move around in different positions. You can execute throws. Awesome leg attacks, groin and lower abdomen shots. If you do nock this Bob down with a kick to a vital area, I believe this would be a one shot one kill in a real combat situation, just my opinion. I am satisfied with this product!


Century Freestanding Bags

40 Years of Innovation
For the last 40 years, Century has been at the forefront of martial arts innovation. One of our best inventions (if we do say so ourselves!) is the freestanding training bag. These days the bags are so ubiquitous you might have seen one without knowing it came from Century. Back in the early 1990s, that certainly wasn’t the case.
All training bags used to be hanging. These are great bags. In fact, they’re still popular. But they posed a problem for gym owners whose schools didn’t have the right structure, or those who didn’t want to drill into their ceilings. Bag stands partially alleviate the problem, but they are hard to move and don’t let you work all the way around the bag.
But Century’s Research and Development team members are problem solvers. In 1995, we released the world’s first freestanding bag, the Wavemaster®. It was a hit! Today, we offer an entire line of Wavemasters, from the Cardio Wavemaster® to the heavy-duty Wavemaster® 2XL Pro. In 1998, we introduced another game-changer – BOB® the Body Opponent Bag. BOB was the first freestanding training manikin and has also evolved into a line of his own, with the BOB® XL, Bobby Bully and VS. BOB®.
Sometimes you need something to slam as well as strike. So Century created the Versys™  line. Check out the versatility of the Versys™ bags here, on our site.

Different Bags for Different Needs
Why so many different bags, you ask? The answer is simple. It’s because there are so many different martial arts! And why are there so many different martial arts?
That might actually take a book or two to answer. We’ll just stick to covering why the bags are the way they are, and what they’re used for.
Taekwondo is a kick-heavy art, so it requires a sturdy bag with a large surface area. The Taekwondo Wavemaster® was built to accommodate. Other bags that are great for taekwondo are the Wavemaster 2XL Pro (the version with scoring zones, if you’re super cool!), or a hanging heavy bag like the Creed Muay Thai Bag. The 2XL and Creed bags are also great for Muay Thai, another kicking art, as well as karate.
What about martial arts that have little, if any, kicking? Judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu players will both benefit from training using the Versys™ VS.2 bag. Like all the Versys™ items, it is freestanding, but features tripod legs and two hooked arms so you can work throws and takedowns. Unlike a human, it doesn’t complain about being slammed into the mat again and again. It’s perfect for groundwork practice.
These are all common sport martial arts. If you’re learning a martial art primarily for self-defense – like Jeet June Do or Krav Maga, the BOB® bag (or BOB® XL or VS.BOB®) is what you want. This manikin bag lets you practice striking a human-shaped target, complete with a scowling face so you won’t feel bad for hitting him.
The Torrent T1 and Torrent T2 Pro Bags are one of our newer designs. They’re great for both at-home and at-the-gym training, but they were made to be easily moved on and off the floor. The base can be rolled either way without loosening, so if you need to clear floor space in a hurry, these are the bags for you!

Made in the USA
There are many great things about getting your bags from Century. One is the variety. Another is knowing you’re supporting an American company. Our headquarters are located in Oklahoma City and employ around 200 Oklahomans, or “Okies,” as the locals say. Our facility includes a warehouse where we make Wavemasters™, BOBs®, and many of the other cool products you get from Century!

Tested by Champions

John Hackelman and VS.BOB

One of the perks of making our own products on site is that we’re easily able to test them in the real world. Not just your standard quality-control test (although we do that too), but a martial arts quality test.
Many people in our company are martial artists. We have two on-site training studios, and during the week, over a dozen classes are taught at lunch and after the work day. Whenever our R&D team has as new product, they bring a prototype to class. Everyone has fun kicking it, punching it, slamming it, and beating up on it as much as possible. If it breaks, R&D takes the prototype back and engineers a way to make the final product better. If it doesn’t break, they make it better anyway, because they thought of some improvements while watching the class work.
Century also works alongside professional martial artists when making our products. We send samples of certain new products to John Hackleman’s The Pit gym, where MMA fighters test it out. We’ve also teamed up with Matt Hughes and Ricardo Liborio, to name a few.

Highest Quality Materials
We have more official tests too. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards. We fill our bags with high-quality material. We firmly believe that the better the equipment you train with, the better your training results will be.

Branded for Excellence
You know the importance of having your school’s name and logo on your uniforms. It creates a unified feeling of team spirit and helps promote brand recognition. Take those benefits one step further by branding your bags with your gym’s logo as well! Custom bags make your school look great. They add another element of professionalism to your environment. If you don’t have a logo, Century will help you create one. Just give your Century Customer Service Representative at (800) 626-2787 with any questions!