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ActionFlex™ Escrima
Item No. 12820 In stock
Century ActionFlex Foam
ActionFlex™ HIT Series Escrima
Item No. 12821 In stock
Century ActionFlex Foam
Foam Escrima
Item No. 1285 In stock
Century 26 in. Foam
Hand Carved Rattan Escrima
Item No. 101 In stock
Century Rattan
Kuro-Obi Escrima
Item No. 12692 In stock
Century ActionFlex Foam
$14.99 - $39.99
Palm Sticks
Item No. 119 In stock
Century Wood
Peeled Escrima Set
Item No. 103 In stock
Century 28 in. Rattan
Polypropylene Escrima
Item No. 12819 In stock
Century <26 in. Polypropylene
Rattan Peeled Escrima
Item No. 127 In stock
Century Rattan
Rattan Unpeeled Escrima
Item No. 125 In stock
Century Rattan
Spiral Peeled Escrima
Item No. 126 In stock
Century Rattan
Spiral Unpeeled Escrima
Item No. 124 In stock
Century Rattan
Teen Unpeeled Escrima
Item No. 114 In stock
Century Wood
Unpeeled Escrima Set
Item No. 110 In stock
Century 28 in. Rattan
White Wax Escrima
Item No. 1289 Out of stock
Century 26 in. Wood
$21.99 Not available
Youth Unpeeled Escrima
Item No. 111 In stock
Youth Century Wood

    Escrima are one of the primary weapons in the Filipino martial art of kali. Unlike many martial arts, which have students begin training empty-handed and work their way into weapons, kali training begins with weapons.
    Traditionally, escrima are made with the wood of the rattan palm, which grows in abundance on the Philippine Islands. Modern escrima are made with a variety of materials, including hardwood or foam.