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Budo Wall Mountable Belt Displays - 10 Level
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Cylinder Belt Displays - 10 Level
Item No. 1301010L In stock
Cylinder Belt Displays - 6 Level
Item No. 1301006L In stock
Frame Display
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Gateway Belt Display
Item No. 13029 In stock
Industrial Belt Display
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Rank Belt Display - 10 & 12 Level
Item No. 13006 In stock
$23.91 - $49.99
Wall Belt Display
Item No. 13012 In stock
    Belt Displays

    Earning a new belt is something to be proud of – but so are the old belts! Instead of throwing their old, lower belts away, or stashing the out-of-sight in a closet, many martial artists choose to keep them as cherished possessions. Each belt has its own story, and represents a different stage of the martial artist’s journey. A belt display gives you the perfect way to proudly display how far you’ve come, and also makes a great gift for all martial artists!