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Full Body Spartan Coaches Shield
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spartan coaches body shield front
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Full Body Spartan Coaches Shield

Full Body Spartan Coaches Shield

The Full Body Spartan Coaches Shield was inspired by the need for a target that could easily accommodate multiple styles of martial arts training. The Spartan Shield is the largest target Century offers, with two shoulder straps and five handles for secure grip. Made of vinyl and high density foam, its extended striking surface does the job of multiple smaller shields and is great for catching virtually any strike.
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Item Number: 10395-010


27.5” W x 46.5” H x 5.5” Thick

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More than Awesome..

Skill Level : Advanced

I love this. Been searching for this for many years. Up until now I have had to get them from
either Japan or Vision Martial Arts in California. But this one is about the same price but its much better
construction and easier to hold. My students love it and it makes their training more realistic and its also easier
on the instructors. Its about time Century got a Body Mitt as its known in Full Contact Karate.
If only they made Kyokushin Uniforms too.