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Electric EasyFit Uniform Pants
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Electric EasyFit Uniform Pants

Electric EasyFit Uniform Pants

These crossover uniform pants feature a unique design with electric line accents along the sides. Ideal for training and competitions, the pants are made of 100% cotton with an elastic waist for a comfortable secure fit.
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Item Number: 04732-038

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For Life!

Skill Level : Advanced

I have had the honor of being a customer for over 25 years now. As an instructor it is so important to be able to go online or call the Service Reps when something is needed for the Academy on a short notice. Century Martial Arts has been there Every Single Time. Their commitment to customer service, the friendly and knowledgeable staff make it easy.

I thank you for your help and look forward to doing 25 more years of business with you!

Gery Ryan
4th Dan
Hap Ki Do
Dubuque Christian Kicks