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Competition Fighter Uniform
Competition Fighter Uniform
Competition Fighter Uniform

Competition Fighter Uniform

Designed for professional-level martial arts athletes, these C-Gear Competition Fighter Uniforms are constructed for optimal movement in sparring and demonstrations. Made from lightweight polyester, C-Gear Uniforms come in two unique prints.
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Item Number: 04801-029

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Comfy but have reservations

Skill Level : Advanced

This is my first competition fighter uniform. I'm used to using traditional & V-neck ploy/cotton blend gi's. Thought I'd give this type of uniform a try as they are becoming more commonplace in point fighting. Love the feel. Lightweight and really provides the freedom to kick and move. Wasn't disappointed there.

Where I feel the gi falls short is durability, especially at the cost we pay. At first tournament use, when my knee dropped to the ground to essentially evade my opponent's attack, my gi slightly tore at the knee. This was my first time using it at a tournament and my 3rd time wearing it altogether.

Am wondering if I should have invested in a different brand, perhaps one that is built longer-lasting or if I should have just stuck with traditional uniforms.

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Skill Level : Beginner

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