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10 oz. Women%27s Middlweight Elastic Waist Pants
century 10 oz. women%27s middlweight elastic waist pants black 0341
10 oz. Women%27s Middlweight Elastic Waist Pants

10 oz. Women's Middlweight Elastic Waist Pants

These women's brushed cotton pants are designed with classic martial arts fit, custom made to fit the female physique. These straight leg pants that are comfortable, yet stylish, featuring an elastic waist, zipper fly, and internal drawstring. Constructed of 10 oz. brushed cotton fabric. Check out the "Learn More" link below for additional information.
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Should have tried these a long time ago!

Skill Level : Advanced

I love that they have a zipper and Velcro closure. I definitely felt like they were easier to pull up and down than other bottoms. The weight is exactly how I like my pants. Not too thick but not too thin.

One thing I didn't particularly care for is that the inside of the waist band is elastic and not covered by fabric like most martial arts pants. Once I got sweaty, it did get a little uncomfortable, but not enough to deter me from wearing them. They have plenty of room in the legs (another issue I've encountered) and even a little to spare in the back.

They were oober long when I got them. Just to give an idea of how long, I am 5'3" and could hold them up to my shoulders and they were to the tops of my feet. I wear an XL size in these pants. So I did have the extra price of having to have them hemmed. The bonus to this, was that I had enough fabric after hemming to have my tailor add a back pocket to them. As a school owner, I love having the back pocket at tournaments to put my phone or a couple of bucks in. Maybe Century could consider adding the back pocket...?

Overall I really like the pants and will definitely be ordering a few more pairs. These are the first Century uniform product I've ever tried and I am extremely happy with them! Ladies, give them a try!