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Versys VS.2
Versys VS.2

Versys VS.2

The Versys VS.2 is the first fight simulator that allows for nearly every grappling technique imaginable, including takedowns, with a third leg that keeps the dummy upright. Recommended for BJJ, MMA, judo, wrestling and grappling disciplines, this bag allows you to practice moves without exposing a partner to the risk of injury.
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Item Number: 10185


  • Approx. 60" Tall
    Approx. 50 lbs.

Benefits and Features

  • Realistically practice grappling moves ranging from takedowns and throws, to leg sweeps, arm drags, and crotch lifts, without the risk of injuring a partner.
  • Throw hand, elbow, knee, and foot combinations to upper, middle, and lower body, as well as perform under hooks, level changes, and ground and pound.
  • Designed with a soft core, flexible arms, and a patented three-leg construction that is strategically weighted to stand upright and rebound to its original position.
  • 40% lighter than traditional grappling bags, making it easy to assemble, move, and store after training.

Additional Information

  • Some Assembly Required.
  • USA/Imported
  • Oversized shipping rates apply
  • Warning: This product is sold for use in high risk activities. Before using this product, read all information. One-year replacement warranty on all Versys Fight Simulators. For details, visit www.CenturyMartialArts.com/warranty.
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Great Training Partner

Skill Level : Advanced

I bought the VS.2 a few years ago and have loved it ever since. It does what it says and is absolutely versatile. My students are able to safely train throws, sweeps, strikes, grappling and more. He is also great for when I am training alone as I don't have to shadow box. I would recommend this 100% for Budo!

Phenomenal training bag

Skill Level : AdvancedIntermediate

I just received this, and I am impressed. I purchased it primarily for BJJ throws, takedowns and grappling, but also for kicks and punches. It is easy to pick back up after a takedown, it is made of high quality materials, and I expect to get many years of use out of this. My grandson went to town on it after I assembled it, and absolutely loves it! If it can stand up to his abuse, it's a winner. I will be purchasing the youth version for him as well.

Falls Short

Skill Level : Advanced

Bag works okay for takedowns, but the arms are so stiff it makes the arm lock and things shown in the video hard to do correctly. Bag is too short for most adults, so end up being used for teens and children's class only. Is an okay product, but gets used least out of the bags we have. The uniform set up they showed in the video is only able to be accomplished by buying the special top they sell. This was not avialable when I first bought the bag, and was one of the reasons I bought it.