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Torrent T1
Torrent T1 Punching Bag Base Detail
Torrent T1 Punching Bag
Torrent T1

Torrent T1

Get a great workout with the Torrent T1 bag! Perfect for cardio kickboxing and other fight-fitness training, the T1 features a two-part inner stem design to allow the bag to bend more, and shift the base less. Because running is a great workout…but running after your bag isn’t!
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Item Number: 102161K

Additional Information

  • USA/Imported
  • Oversized shipping rates apply


  • 15" DIA (top)
  • 24" DIA (base)
  • Approx. 245 lbs. when filled
  • 60" Tall
  • Black/Orange


One-year warranty. Please see our "Terms and Conditions" page for additional information.