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Rebreakable Board
century rebreakable board black 10447
Rebreakable Board

Rebreakable Board

This durable board is constructed to withstand consistent breaking with a tongue and groove design that slides the two pieces of the board easily back together. Both sides have foam covered striking areas. Available in four different colors, each with a different strength level. Each sold separately.
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Item Number: 10447-010

Additional Information

  • Yellow - Beginner: 0.7 cm thick
  • Blue - Intermediate: 0.8 cm thick
  • Red - Advanced: 1 cm thick
  • Black - Expert: 1.5 cm thick
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Not Long lasting

Skill Level : Beginner

Upon first using this board, it seemed like a good product, comparative to a real board of similar strength.
After using for several weeks, a simple shake and the board would fall apart.

I don't recommend this product or the other re-breakable boards from this product line.

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Good Buy for Beginners

Skill Level : BeginnerIntermediate

All four of these boards provide a great training tool for those who practice breaking. My younger students are thrilled when they see these boards come out. For black belt level breaking the boards are rather easy, even 2 black boards stacked doesn't provide much resistance. It would be nice to see how the boards equate to pine boards, like the old re-breakables did. Thanks Century!

Horrible Design

Skill Level : AdvancedIntermediate

I bought one of each of the 4 difficulty levels. Within less than a month of using them, all but the hardest (and thickest) boards could not be put back together again easily. The have a very narrow slow to slide together and few of my students nor myself were able to get them back together again. I have tried this style, other slotted boards, and the peg style boards. This has been the worse I have used so far. Foam covering also does little more than stop minor abrasions.