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We offer the top tactical products on the market featuring a variety of items from 5.11, Asp, Propper, Tac-Force, Keen Edge, Cold Steel, MTech, Munio, Sabre, Sharkee and more! We have all the latest and most in-demand tactical equipment for any need. Great for military, security, self-defense or martial arts training, these products make a great gift all year round.
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1.75" Operator Belt
Item No. 59405 In stock
5.11 Men
3-in-1 New User Kit
Item No. 1739 In stock
Sabre Defense Spray
ASP Government Carbine
Item No. 07407 In stock
ASP Remington
Item No. 07401 In stock
ASP Sig P2022
Item No. 07337 In stock
ASP Smith & Wesson
Item No. 07305 In stock
ASP Smith & Wesson Jframe
Item No. 07310 In stock
Century Training Guns Rubber
ASP Smith & Wesson Military and Police 9/40
Item No. 07343 In stock
Century Training Guns Rubber
Bulldog Self-Defense Keychain
Item No. 1341 In stock
Executive Letter Opener
Item No. 100415 In stock
Century Weapons Specialty Weapons
Expandable Steel Baton
Item No. 12054 In stock
Century Baton Stainless Steel
Item No. 07403 In stock
Keen Edge Medium Karambit Trainer
Item No. 100419 In stock
Keen Edge Tactical Ring Trainer
Item No. 100418 In stock
Pepper Gel
Item No. 1761 In stock
Not Applicable Sabre Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Defense Spray Not Applicable
Propper Duty Belt
Item No. F5603 In stock
Rose Gold Studded Pepper Spray
Item No. BS3RGLD Out of stock
$7.49 Not available
Sharkee Dagger
Item No. 12057 In stock
Century Training Knives Polypropylene
SIRT Training Gun
Item No. 10032 In stock
Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Training Guns Rubber
Taclite Pro Pants
Item No. 74273 In stock
Pants 5.11