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Polypropylene 24" Sword
Item No. 12817 Out of stock
All Ages Century 16 - 20 in. 15 - 25 in. Polypropylene Sword,Swords,
$29.99 Not available
Polypropylene Katana Sword
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Not Applicable Century 26 - 30 in. 35+ in. Polypropylene Sword,Swords,
$29.99 Not available
Polypropylene Kung Fu Broad Sword
Item No. 12816 In stock
All Ages Century 26 - 30 in. 26 - 34 in. Polypropylene Sword,Swords,
Polypropylene Shoto
Item No. 12514 In stock
Century Not Applicable 20 - 25 in. Polypropylene
    Swords & Katanas

    The best-known martial arts sword is the katana, the blade used by the samurai warriors of ancient Japan. Today, katana are commonly used in karate forms, where they add an extra element of excitement to any event! Some martial arts, including kendo and iaido, include sword fighting elements, where students spar with each other using foam swords. Century offers a wide variety of swords, made out of different materials, to accommodate multiple uses including demonstrations, light partner work, and display.  We have samurai swords, non-sharpened and sharpened blades, and much more.