Shin & Forearm Guards - Multiple - Adult - Brave - Creed - Not Applicable

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Creed Traditional Shin Instep Guards
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Adult Century Shin Creed Multiple
Brave Shin Instep Guards - Red/Black
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Adult Century Shin Brave Multiple
Cloth Hand/Forearm Pad
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Adult Century Forearm Not Applicable Multiple
Cloth Shin Pads
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Adult Century Shin Not Applicable Multiple
Cloth Shin Instep Pads
Item No. 1497 In stock
Adult Century Shin Not Applicable Multiple
    Shin & Forearm Guards

    Shin guards are used in many martial arts and in MMA training (although they are not used in MMA matches). There are several styles of shin instep guard; however, the most important thing is the fit. A shin guard should not slide around or shift on your leg. Some shin guards can be paired with or attached to sparring boots, while others may simply have an attached, padded flap that covers the foot.
    Forearm guards are used to provide additional coverage during training. Wearing them is often a matter of personal preference; however, they can be a great benefit during self-defense, krav maga, and training where gloves are typically not worn but additional coverage is desired.