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Spiral Keychain
Item No. 1328 Out of stock
Belt Keychain
Item No. 1333 In stock
Ninja Spike Keychain
Item No. 1334 Out of stock
Deluxe Wood Hestitan Keychain
Item No. 1344 In stock
Aluminum Hestitan Keychain
Item No. 1349 Out of stock
MUNIO - Spring Breeze
Item No. 1355BRE Out of stock
$7.99 Not available
MUNIO - Dragon Legend
Item No. 1355DRG Out of stock
$7.99 Not available
MUNIO - Butterfly
Item No. 1355FLY Out of stock
$7.49 Not available
MUNIO - Triple Hoot
Item No. 1355OWL Low stock

    You take your keys with you everywhere you go – that makes them the perfect place to keep a personal protection tool. Century offers several styles of self-defense keychains, including the designer-styled Munio, as well as hestitan keychains, spiked keychains, pepper spray clips and personal alarm keychains. You can also show off your martial arts spirit with a decorative keychain made out of real belt material!