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Brave Shin Instep Guards
Brave Shin Instep Guards

Brave Shin Instep Guards

A great choice for beginner martial arts and kickboxing workouts, these shin instep guards are made of a durable polyurethane shell with impact-absorbing foam padding. Each guard features two hook-and-loop leg straps to keep the guard securely on the leg.
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Item Number: 147008P-039

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They're ok, but not for heavy work.

Skill Level : Beginner

They are decent, but when training for long amounts of time or sparring they are not good. I have to stop and move them every few minutes because they shift so much. Even when on and centered, they don't provide good protection, and I often still get very bad bruises. I have size small/medium and I am a little smaller than the average woman. They are ok for light sparring and work though. Century normally has great products, but I was disappointed with these.