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Round Chrome Sai
Round Chrome Sai

Round Chrome Sai

These sai feature round iron stems and genuine leather-wrapped handles. The electroplated finish resists chipping. Sold in pairs.
Available lengths: 15", 18", or 19.5
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Item Number: 1251-034

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Good looking, well balanced, poor durability

Skill Level : Advanced

I've had my sai (19.5 inches chrome) for over a week now. I am impressed with their looks, weight, and balance. The handles are also good, but the tape on mine needed to be replaced within a couple of days. I used thin black electrical tape and now the leather is held on better. They are heavier than a lot of other sai that I have seen, around two pounds each, but when you are using them the weight is well distributed.
The reason that I did not give these full marks is because a few days ago I dropped one and it bent. I was spinning it out and in, and dropped it from about 4-5 feet in the air onto the ground. Now one of the prongs is bent inward. Fortunately, it doesn't significantly affect the handling, but it doesn't look particularly good either. If not for that it would be a five-star product.