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Octagon Demo Nunchaku
Octagon Demo Nunchaku

Octagon Demo Nunchaku

These wood octagon nunchaku are light and easy to grab and have a smaller diameter than the regular octagon corded nunchaku, making them good for beginners. Features a 1-inch nylon cord attachment. Due to state laws, this item cannot be sold to persons residing in the following states: NY.
Diameter: 0.625"
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Item Number: 12137-120

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Skill Level : Beginner

Lightweight and comfortable in the hand, a nice size for a child. "But" they're drilled too close to the edges. First one taken out of the package, the wood was split and a good sized piece fell into my hand. The second one has splits on both edges of the chuck/wand with light instructional use. I would have a much different review if they hadn't been hollowed out as far.