12 oz. Traditional Tang Soo Do Jacket with Cuff
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12 oz. Traditional Tang Soo Do Jacket with Cuff

Century12 oz. Traditional Tang Soo Do Jacket with Cuff

Features cuff, skirt and collar trim. Composed of 100% cotton canvas. USA

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Item Number: 04271-110

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Nice Uniform


Skill Level : Advanced

As a full time instructor, this is my typical "every day" uniform. I will say, when I first received it, it was kinda like wearing cardboard. The material is very stiff. All of the stitching in the sleeves actually irritated my writs when doing hand techniques. However, as the uniform has broken in, it is very comfortable. It stays pretty wrinkle free, and washes nicely. It gets 4 stars instead of 5 because the canvas material tends to "yellow" slightly when washed. This is only a problem because there aren't good matching pants (the 12 oz drawstring Tang Soo Do Pants aren't worth it - fit poorly, don't tie well, etc). So when I pair it up to the 10 oz brushed cotton pants, the color difference can be pronounced. People sometimes wonder why my uniform top is so "dirty" compared to the pants.