V.Spar.1 Limited Edition
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V.Spar.1 Limited Edition

CenturyV.Spar.1 Limited Edition

This Limited Edition Versys V.SPAR.1 is perfect for young martial artists, with a bold new color and all the same great features of the original. The V.SPAR.1 provides youth with a large striking surface while still small enough to pick up, toss, and take down. Plus, a smaller base meakes it easier for youth's shorter limbs to strike the bag. RECOMMENDED FOR: Traditional Martial Arts/Kickboxing/MMA/General Fitness
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Item Number: 101871-015

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Skill Level : Beginner

This bag is nice, but it began leaking sand in less than a year of use. We still use it, but it's taped around the seams with Gorilla tape to trap the sand.