Brave Heavy Bag
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Brave Heavy Bagcentury brave heavy bag blk/gry 10125B4
Color=BLK/GRY;Size=40 lbscentury brave heavy bag blk/gry 10125B4Color=BLK/GRY;Size=70 lbscentury brave heavy bag blk/gry 10125B4Color=BLK/GRY;Size=80 lbscentury brave heavy bag blk/gry 10125B4Color=BLK/GRY;Size=100 lbscentury brave heavy bag blk/gry 10125B4

CenturyBrave Heavy Bag

Great for heavy hitters, this training bag features web straps that secure the bag when hanging, a durable outer shell, and impact fiber filling. This bag is ideal for adults weighing more than 170 lbs. Weighs approximately 100 lbs. Oversized shipping rates apply.
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Item Number: 10125B4-039

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Great bag, but horrible hanging straps!


Skill Level : Intermediate

I love the bag itself. I've had the bag for a year and a half now and I use it every other day for upper body cardio before I go to work. Two weeks ago one of the straps ripped right at the point where it hangs on the ring. I even took it down periodically to help prevent it from settling (and for the workout). I'm glad my seven year old son wasn't any closer to me. So short of sewing a nylon strap to what's left to reconnect and reinforce the lop I'm out of luck. The bag's not even worn down yet!? Now the newer ones in the store are on chains :(