BOB XL - Body Opponent Bag
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BOB XL - Body Opponent BagBOB XL Body Opponent BagBOB XL Body Opponent BagBOB XL Body Opponent BagBOB XL Body Opponent Bag

CenturyBOB XL - Body Opponent Bag

Get realistic training with BOB, the Body Opponent Bag. BOB XL has a longer torso than the original BOB, giving you more striking surface for body shots and kicks. Base fills with water or sand and is rounded for easy relocation. Features height adjustments from 60 inches to 82 inches tall. Approximately 270 lbs. with base filled with water. One year limited warranty.
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Item Number: BOBXLK


  • Mannequin - 40" x 15.5" x 10.5"
  • Base - 24" Diameter x 19.5" Tall
  • Approx. 270 lbs. when filled with water


One-year warranty on all BOB training mannequins. Please see our "Terms and Conditions" page for additional information.

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Skill Level : AdvancedBeginner

Absolutely agree with the other reviewer it is the best stand alone Ive ever used.

XL-BOB Most Realistic Bag Ever!


Skill Level : Advanced

Looking at Century on line today I noticed that no one had ever written a review about XL-BOB. I guess that leaves the job to me. So here goes: When Century first introduced the Wavemaster the demand was so great we couldn't even keep them in stock in my martial arts supply store. Then the Powerline WM came out and outsold the original WM 5 - 1. Then Bob was born - I can't even remember the year. From that point on everybody wanted BOB. My customers would constantly ask if we were ever going to have BOB with - Upper legs & Groin. Finally XL-BOB came out. I have been studying and teaching Karate & Kobudo for 54 years and I consider XL-BOB to be the best bag I have ever worked on. The realism of the targets is totally superior to any other standing or hanging bag that I have ever seen. From an Instructor's point of view it is the easiest bag for beginners to learn on. They don't have to guess where the ribs, solar plexus, throat, temple or other targets are - they can see them right there. So, in addition to developing powerful techniques, they are also learning accuracy. As for quality & durability BOB holds up. Within a month of BOB's birth I gave my original to my daughter for her Dojo. She and her students still use him to this day. Believe me, you will get tired and sore before BOB will. Feedback about BOB from my customers has always been positive. In my martial arts experience I have found that customers want quality above all else. Equipment that will last for years and years of serious training. BOB fills the bill!

Edward J. Erler Jr., 8th Dan, Kyoshi,
Shorinryu Karate-Dojo
Albuquerque, NM