Competition Tonfas
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Competition Tonfas

CenturyCompetition Tonfas

Crafted from select ash hardwood for superior durability. The tapered shafts and contoured grips allow for faster rotation and smoother turns. Available in two sizes: 18-inch shafts with 4-inch grips; 20-inch shafts with 4.25-inch grips. Sold in pairs.
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Item Number: 1291-120

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Skill Level : Beginner

I have searched for several types of tonfa including wood ones and plastic or foam ones. I would recommend trainees using wood ones, especially this. Like the description says, it is very strong and durable, so beginners will not worry about it will be damaged.
Also the size and weight are perfectly suitable for me. It is very comfortable to control. One of the most surprising point is that the quality of the wood material is excellent. It is not only a martial art equipment but a fancy craft work as well! I would like to give this five stars.