Student Sparring Gear Combo
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Student Sparring Gear Combo

CenturyStudent Sparring Gear Combo

Get all your sparring essentials in one convenient kit! Each combo comes complete with:

Student Sparring Headgear
This sparring headgear is made tough for martial artists in training. Designed with pressure release outlets at the ears, the 0.875-inch thick dipped foam is contoured around the face to provide increased visibility. The elastic strap has a hook-and-loop closure to ensure a secure fit.
Color: Black, white, blue, red, teal, purple, pink
Size: Child, youth, small, Adult medium/large, Extra large, XXL

Student Sparring Gloves
Designed tough for martial artists in training, these 0.625-inch dipped foam gloves are contoured to fit the hand with a hook-and-loop closures on elastic straps for a secure fit. Complete with full-finger coverage.
Color: Black, white, blue, red, teal, purple, pink
Size: Child, youth, small, Adult medium/large, Extra large

Student Sparring Hi-Top Boots
Get total coverage for your foot and ankle with these 0.625-inch thick dipped foam sparring boots. Featuring hook-and-loop closures on elastic crisscross straps, these boots fit securely and extend to cover the ankle.
Color: Black, white, blue, red, teal, purple, pink
Size: Child 12/13, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12

Single Mouthguard
A great starter mouthpiece, this one-piece mouth guard form fits in seconds by boiling and biting. Great for a variety of sports, and available in youth and adult sizes.
Color: Clear, black, blue, red, pink
Size: Youth or adult

Mouthguard Case
Keeping mouth guards clean and safe, this Century case is made of impact resistant plastic.
Color: Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink

Mesh Tote Bag
Perfect to use inside large sport bags to separate wet or damp gear, this mesh bag comes complete with drawstring.
Color: Black
Size: 28"L x 18" Dia.

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New school


Skill Level : Beginner

I've just recently opened a new school and i'm so excited that this bundle exists now.
Quality hear; and no more clicking each individual piece and adding it to the cart.

Great idea!!

Conveniently Packaged


Skill Level : AdvancedBeginner

The student gear are the "intro" products at out school. We try to offer quality gear that is reliable and affordable for the beginning student. These products have been our choice for years. For Century to package these into an equipment package has been great for students and parent alike to know just what the minimum requirements are for the beginner in order to safely engage in sparring. Great "forward thinking" to help the customer make their choices.