C-Gear Sparring Combo
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C-Gear Sparring Combo

CenturyC-Gear Sparring Combo

C-Gear Boots
Century's C-Gear line was designed with the competitor in mind. C-Gear boots are excellent for high-level martial artists, and are made for a comfortable and secure fit. A vinyl cloth sole inset provides support and comfort to the toes, and the high-top foam tongue provides added ankle coverage. Hook-and-loop elastic straps secure.

C-Gear Gloves
C-Gear Gloves were designed for competitive martial artists. A built-on foam grip bar helps reduce hand fatigue while building hand strength, and a hook-and-loop wrist closure provides secure fit and stability. The gloves shape allows for greater hand movement, allowing extension during sparring.

C-Gear Headgear
C-Gear Headgear is part of Century's line designed for competitive martial arts athletes. The headgear features an open-face design for optimum peripheral vision when sparring, and the secure-fit chin piece provides extra coverage and helps reduce shifting. Headgear is adjustable for best fit.
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Item Number: CGEARC
C-Gear Headgear11440-110
C-Gear Headgear
C-Gear Gloves11540-110
C-Gear Gloves
C-Gear Boots11240-110
C-Gear Boots
Mouthguard Case1455-001
Mouthguard Case
Single Mouthguard1451-001
Single Mouthguard
Duffle Bag2145B
Duffle Bag

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