American Eagle Patch
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American Eagle Patch
Color=KenpoColor=Dragon DlxColor=Acad AchievmntColor=Academic AchievementColor=Fist DoveColor=Tiger/DragonColor=4.5" TigerColor=Isshinryu KarateColor=Jump KickColor=Karate LettersColor=Moo Duk KwanColor=American EagleColor=Okinwan KarateColor=Shotokan RoundColor=Shotokan RectColor=Yin %26 YangColor=Y/Y DragonColor=Five AnimalColor=Superfoot

CenturyAmerican Eagle Patch

Woven patch that's easily added to any uniform. Sold individually. Size: Approx. 5" x 5"
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Item Number: 08-P28

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