Ruled Chrome Nunchaku
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Ruled Chrome Nunchaku

CenturyRuled Chrome Nunchaku

Made of lightweight, white lotus wood, these nunchaku feature an eye-catching chrome tape with a ruled pattern and prism colors. Connected with three-link, ball bearing chain for smooth rotation. Due to state laws, this item cannot be sold to persons residing in the following states: NY.
Diameter: 1"
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Item Number: 121232-010

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Not pleased


Skill Level : Advanced

These were the first pair of chaks I ever bought, because it was routed through the studio I trained at.

Lets start with the positives:
The wood is sturdy and relatively dent-proof
Good chain length, the chain also turns on a ball bearing which is extremely smooth
Very robust, I could never count the hopeless number of times I dropped them at first

However, there is a reason I only gave this pair two stars.

The tape comes off with even mild/infrequent use
The wood under the tape is very uncomfortable to hold and is very ugly
Chaks are very heavy and thick, you cannot do good throws or thumb rolls with them because of the wait and the momentum required to get them moving.

I would recommend getting a lighter, thinner pair that they also offer on this website if you plan to use them for anything above novice practice (for which I would recommend the century foam chaks).