Polypropylene Round Nunchaku
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Polypropylene Round Nunchaku

CenturyPolypropylene Round Nunchaku

Made of top-grade polypropylene that is cut resistant and ultra-stiff, this realistic replica features ball-bearings and a steel chain for smooth action. The round-shaped grips with grooves add a more realistic experience. Due to state laws, this item cannot be sold to persons residing in the following states: NY.
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Item Number: 12168


Diameter: 1.1875"
Chain length: 5.875"
Grip lengths: 12"

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Skill Level : Advanced

If you are looking for quality in a pair of Nunchakus then look no farther! These are by far one of the best set of Quality Made Black Nunchaku I have purchased in a long time! They are close in comparison to a pair I have had for over 35 years that are built like a tank! The only difference is my old pair are a little heavier, a little bigger in diameter and show all the battle wounds because of course they are made of wood. Where the Century Polypropylene Round Nunchakus are solid, sleek looking and made to last a long time! I have banged them a couple of times to test them and can't find one mark! The ball bearing swivels w/chain are fast spinning and with just a small amount of WD40 they are super fast now! I could go on and on, so if you use the Nunchaku do your self a favor and buy a pair or two of these! I Highly Recommend these and Highly Recommend Century! They have Great Prices Plus Fast Shipping!