Octagon Corded Nunchaku
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Octagon Corded Nunchaku

CenturyOctagon Corded Nunchaku

Lightweight and easy-to-use, this wood nunchaku has a 4.5-inch nylon cord attachment. Octagon cut with a natural wood grain color. Due to state laws, this item cannot be sold to persons residing in the following states: NY
Diameter: 1"
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Item Number: 12103-120

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Perfect for Practice and Self Defense


Skill Level : Advanced

I bought the 12" handle version last year, because it resembled 1 of my first 2 nunchakus, which I learned how to use during my years as a Taekwondo student, and a fan of Bruce Lee. Little did I know that Bruce Lee was taught by Filipino martial artist, Dan Inosanto, and was using the Filipino version known as the Tabak Toyok. Nevertheless, I was also a TMNT fan, and in the 1st movie the character Michelangelo used the same type of wooden Octagon Nunchaku's with a white nylon string. As for Century's version, despite being oak, they're very light, and smooth to use. However, because of their octagon shape, & the nunchaku's use of centrifugal force, I'm sure that they could also be used in a self defense situation. On top of that, the price is excellent, so I'm debating as to whether, or not, I should buy 14" handle version, or maybe 1 of the rattan/bamboo versions. So I gave this product 5 stars, & would recommend them to anyone that's learning how to use the nunchaku, or already knows how to use them.