Scott Templeton: Smart Self Defense For Kids Volume 1
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Scott Templeton: Smart Self Defense For Kids Volume 1
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CenturyScott Templeton: Smart Self Defense For Kids Volume 1

Four volumes to choose from.
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Item Number: 189107D-V01

Volume 1: Understanding the Base

Teach your students how to prevent dangerous situations by staying well rooted and balanced, giving you control of the situation. Kids will also learn the importance of and how to maintain a solid stance. Students will easily learn how to "escape" bully wrist grabs from the front, side and back.

Volume 2: Escapes from Bully Grabs

In this title, the student is provided with the tools to prevent or stop bullying for good. Grabs from the front, side and clothing lapels are addressed in this title.

Volume 3: Escapes from Head-Locks, Bear Hugs and Chokes

More often than not, rough play leads to unintentional fighting. If your student or child is not prepared to escape or control the situation, it can be traumatic for many years. In this title we show the student how not to "panic" and escape the situation with technique and leverage.

Volume 4: A Safe Approach to Teaching Kids Submissions

In this title, students learn how to quickly end a bully situation with a submission. Our approach to submission for kids is the detailed understanding of the arm-lock from the standing position as well as on the ground. The student will learn how to secure a dominate position and then apply an arm-lock to end the situation.

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