Mike Parker Muay Thai for MMA Volume 1
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Mike Parker Muay Thai for MMA Volume 1
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CenturyMike Parker Muay Thai for MMA Volume 1

Mike Parker first shows the basics of Muay Thai, then puts them all together in combinations.
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Item Number: 189128D-V01

Volume 1:

Boxing Basics
Learn to use the foundations of Muay Thai in MMA. Mike Parker teaches basic Muay Thai stance, footwork, movement, punches and combinations, defensive movement and counter punching.

Volume 2:

Elbow Strikes
Learn the three keys to power: regular elbow, upward elbow, and downward elbow strikes. Train with focus mitts and drills to build speed and power. Mike Parker shows elbow drills such as the regular feed, the blitz, and the snap elbow drill. Finally, he will teach combinations with punches and elbows - very effective in MMA.

Volume 3:

Kicking Basics
Mike Parker teaches kicking stance vs. boxing stance, all aspects of the Thai round kick including the three keys to the round kick, the left round kick, and recovery after the round kick. You will also learn to incorporate foot jabs and combination kicking into MMA fighting.

Volume 4:

Knee Strikes
Mike Parker will teach you, step-by-step, the structure and movement of knee strikes, basic knee strikes, and knee/kick combinations. This includes stance, body position, hand and foot position, long knee strikes, short knee strikes, as well as combos: right knee/right kick, right kick/knee, and kick/knee/kick.

Volume 5:

Combinations and Counters
Now you learn to put it all together with three methods of training - solo, with equipment, and with a partner. Mike Parker will use shadow boxing, Thai bag work, rope training, focus mitts, Thai pads, partner sparring, and drills to teach you advanced technique and combinations.

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