Master Kenneth Funakoshi%27s Shotokan Karate Series Volume 2
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Master Kenneth Funakoshi%27s Shotokan Karate Series Volume 2
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CenturyMaster Kenneth Funakoshi's Shotokan Karate Series Volume 2

All the stances, blocks, punches and kicks of Shotokan Karate, along with katas, sparring techniques and self-defense. Includes an interview with Master Funakoshi.
Ten titles to choose from.
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Item Number: KANDV-V02

Volume 1:

Shotokan Fundamentals Stances
Learn blocks, punches, and kicks.
Approx. 57 min.

Volume 2:

Shotokan Katas 1
Includes Taikyoku Shodan, Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian, Sandan and Heian Yondan.
Approx. 50 min.

Volume 3:

Shotokan Katas 2
Includes Heian Godan, Tekki Sodan, Bassai Dai, Jion and Kanhu Dai.
Approx. 60 min.

Volume 4:

Shotokan Katas 3
Includes Hangetsu Empi, Tekki Nidan, Giin, and Meikyo.
Approx. 60 min.

Volume 5:

Shotokan Katas 4
Includes Kinku Sho, Bassai Sho, Jitte Chintel, and Tekki San Dan.
Approx. 60 min.

Volume 6:

Shotokan Katas 5
Includes Gankaku, Sochin, Nijushiho, and Wankan.
Approx. 53 min.

Volume 7:

Shotokan Katas 6
Includes Gojushiho, Gojushiho Dai, and Unsu.
Approx. 60 min.

Volume 8:

Shotokan Sparring Techniques
Loaded with hard-hitting traditional Shotokan katas.
Approx. 40 min.

Volume 9:

Shotokan Self Defense
Master Funakoshi teaches numerous Shotokan techniques against every type of assault.
Approx. 45 min.

Volume 10:

Shotokan Master Interview
Great insight into Shotokan history and traditions. True collector's item.
Approx. 34 min.

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