Marcel Jones Rock Solid:Tricking Volume 1
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Marcel Jones Rock Solid:Tricking Volume 1
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CenturyMarcel Jones Rock Solid:Tricking Volume 1

Marcel Jones has been training in martial arts since the age of five and competing since he was eight. He has won multiple national titles in individual forms, team forms, team demonstrations and fighting. His greatest award thus far is winning the Diamond Nationals.
Two titles to choose from.
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Item Number: 189442D-V01

Volume 1

Marcel gives you comprehensive and detailed instruction on his legendary tricking style. Includes training on the 540, cheat 720, cheat 900, aerial, butterfly, double leg and suicide swipe. Marcel also includes variations of the 540 including the 540 front kick, miss the leg 540, and variations of the butterfly that include the butterfly twist and hyper butterfly twist.

Volume 2

Marcel introduces new tricks including the X-out, gainer, corkscrew, tornado swing thru to gainer and corkscrew, and the cartwheel flash kick. He also includes instruction on the "Marcel Rush", a scoop and swing maneuver created by him that has become synonymous with his name.

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