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Get a dynamic workout with this aerobics DVD that combines self-defense techniques with low-impact exercises. 60 minutes long, with a bonus street self-defense video.
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Complete/Fun/Interesting Workout


Skill Level : Beginner

I found Karobics to be a fun workout style that is easy on my body (low impact) while providing a thorough aerobics routine. Add to that an emphasis on building flexibility and a look at self-defense makes Karobics a complete workout that will keep you coming back to improve your movements as well as fitness.

Karobics...great workout!


Skill Level : Intermediate

I have had this dvd for over a year! I got it right after beginning karate, but I will say that you don't need to be a student of karate to follow this dvd and get a great workout. All of the movements are well explained and demonstrated throughout. Great for all levels of fitness! Check it out!