Hapkido Blend with Fariborz Azhakh Volume 3
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Hapkido Blend with Fariborz Azhakh Volume 3
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CenturyHapkido Blend with Fariborz Azhakh Volume 3

Mr. Fariborz has been trained by and worked with some of the best martial artists in the world and has risen to become a 6th Dan Hapkido Master. The “Hapkido Blend” is grounded in ancient techniques, then refined by modern knowledge and skills. This system can be used by anyone in any situation.
Five volumes to choose from.
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Item Number: FARID-V03

Volume 1

Joint Locks.
Learn techniques and underlying principles that make joint locks work and show you how to apply them in both practice and “real life” situations.

Volume 2

Learn basic and intermediate kicks and how they can be used practically.

Volume 3

Hand Strikes.
Mr. Fariborz will teach you when and where the hands can be used to the best effect.

Volume 4

Knife Work.
Mr. Fariborz demonstrates the use of and defense against the weapon you are most likely to come across in a fight, the sharp edge.

Volume 5

Black Belt Form.
Mr. Fariborz will instruct you in a form that is the essence of Hapkido, a form that can be done a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, depending on the terrain, the weapons you have at hand, and any other factor.

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