Creative and Modern Kicks with Hakan Manav Volume 4
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Creative and Modern Kicks with Hakan Manav Volume 4
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CenturyCreative and Modern Kicks with Hakan Manav Volume 4

Hakan Manav is a 5th degree black belt and has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. Manav teaches basic kicks, combinations and more in this series.
Five volumes to choose from.
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Item Number: 189195D-V04

Volume 1

Flexibility and Intro to Kicks.
Hakan shows you the importance of warm ups and stretching and gives you instruction on kicks and stances that will become the foundation to your performances. Certain techniques that are thoroughly explained are the front kick, side kick, back kick, hook kick, reverse turning kick and jumping split kick.

Volume 2

Footwork and Speed Drills with Basic Kick.
This video is full of footwork drills to help you with balance and speed. You will learn footwork exercises such as double action, 360 rotation spin, fake spins into basic kicks and much more. These footwork drills will also be put into combinations.

Volume 3

Basic Combinations and Advanced Kicks.
After learning basic kicks and footwork, this video will show you several of Hakan's combinations with basic kicks. Furthermore, advanced kicks will also be explained including techniques like the tornado kick, 540 degree kick, autobahn, 720 degree kick and many more.

Volume 4

Intermediate Kicking Combinations.
With the techniques that have been covered so far, Hakan shares 15 intermediate kicking combinations. A broad range of combination that can be utilized in many different forms of training and performances.

Volume 5

Extreme Kicks, Twists and Combinations.
Much of what has made Hakan a worldwide talent is taught in this video. Hakan shows you several extreme kicks, twists and combos to take you to superstar heights.

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