C-Gear Headgear
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C-Gear HeadgearC-Gear Headgear
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CenturyC-Gear Headgear

C-Gear Headgear is part of Century’s line designed for competitive martial arts athletes. The headgear features an open-face design for optimum peripheral vision when sparring, and the secure-fit chin piece provides extra coverage and helps reduce shifting. Headgear is adjustable for best fit.
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Item Number: 11440-110

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Best fitting Head Gear


Skill Level : Intermediate

Didn't like my current head gear from another vendor. Bought this C-Gear head gear and WOW! This fits perfectly, easy to adjust, the design provides great visibility for sparring. Easily add the new Revolutionary Face Shield to it in minutes.
Soft fabric insides provides for a comfortable fit. I find I don't get as hot or sweat as much with this helmet as I did with the plastic lined helmets. if you do a lot of sparring, this is well worth having as your head gear.