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CenturyWeapons Bag

This durable bag is designed for transported martial arts weapons, with front weapon straps, interior compartments for throwing stars, water bottles and shoes, a handy key clip, and a bottom zippered panel that opens for storage of one pair each of the following weapons: sai, tonfas, kamas, and escrima. Features a padded should strap. Weapons sold separately.
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Item Number: 2149-010


  • Small: 12"W X 27"L X 16"T
  • Large: 12"W X 31"L X 16"T

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I liked it so much, we have bought 2


Skill Level : Advanced

My son needed a new gear bag. He had an arsenal of weapons he was carrying around plus sparring gear. I got the small since he's 12. It's huge!

I bought a second bag for my 14 year old daughter when bag broke in fall of 2015. There were some changes made to the inside pockets that we love.

Both carry 2 adult sparring helmets (one for sparring, other for weapons sparring), punches, kicks, shin guards, 4 nunchucks, kamas, 2 sets of Kali sticks, foam sword/stick, first aid kit training, knife and Kleenex. We still have room plus there is more room in the pockets.

The bo staff holder I found to be useless. We used it for my son's 2 piece bo staff until he scratched the side of our car with the screw in a parking lot.

I'm not taking a star off for that because we love them so much.

Nice features, poor build quality


Skill Level : AdvancedBeginner

I replaced an old canvas duffel bag of about 20 years with this a few years ago. I immediately got a replacement from Century because the one I was shipped was damaged upon arrival. The replacement began to rip through normal use in considerably less than a year, but since it was only the outside layer (along a seam), it was basically cosmetic. Not long after that, one of the weapon straps on the front tore off as I tried to secure a three-section staff onto the bag. More recently, I began to notice additional tears at the seams, and these went through to the bag and its pockets, which could allow things to fall out. (I noticed one of the tears as a training knife fell out).

The bag is, in terms of the features it offers, really nice. Lots of pockets for different types of equipment, adjustable straps to hold anything too long to easily fit inside, and ample space inside for reasonably large weapons (kali sticks, tomahawks, machetes, etc), along with a nice large main space for clothes, sparring gear, etc. A decent duffel bag should last for many years with pretty heavy use. If a bag just like this was available with decent construction quality, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.