C-Gear Boots
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C-Gear BootsC-Gear Boots
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CenturyC-Gear Boots

Century'sC-Gear line was designed with the competitor in mind. C-Gear boots are excellent for high-level martial artists, and are made for a comfortable and secure fit. A vinyl cloth sole inset provides support and comfort to the toes, and the high-top foam tongue provides added ankle coverage. Hook-and-loop elastic straps secure the boots.
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Item Number: 11240-110

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Less than 1 year


Skill Level : Advanced

I like these boots, but I wear through the bottom in less than 1 year. Expensive to not last 1 year w weekly sparring.

Great Boots


Skill Level : Advanced

The new c gear is high quality and great construction. We enjoy the fact that they are very easy for our students to put on and take off. The boots have the ball of the foot covered and we fibd that our members truly like this over the foam dip.