P2 Premium Sparring Boots
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P2 Premium Sparring Boots

CenturyP2 Premium Sparring Boots

These sturdy sparring boots offer total coverage for your feet and ankles. Complete with the a sleek textured exterior material, these boots are constructed of 0.625-inch dipped foam with double-layering on high-impact areas. Come complete with hook-and-loop closures on elastic crisscross straps for a secure fit.
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Item Number: 11221-010

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This is great in theory, BUT, the construction design of the bottom does cut into my foot with sharp edge straps across the bottom! Not so sure yet if really worth the high price!

Hard to know any of these fit, unless try them on, and then if size is NOT accurate, shipping is on YOU to return! So you are paying to "try on"! If only Century would "FREE shipping for: offer exchanges, to correct size"