Tapered White Wax Bo Staff - Adult
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Tapered White Wax Bo Staff - Adult

CenturyTapered White Wax Bo Staff - Adult

Great for practicing forms, this multi-purpose bo has a tapered style and is constructed of durable white wax wood. Weighs approximately 1 lb. 7 oz. with a 1.25-inch center diameter that tapers to 1 inch at the ends.
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Item Number: 12446-120

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Not as durable as one would expect of wax wood


Skill Level : Intermediate

I bought it for a demo. It's pretty and did well for the show, but it's also billed as being durable. I found out the hard way that it isn't. The first, half-powered, strike I put on Bob's head broke the thing in half. I have a cheap old random hardwood staff that I trained on for several years and I can still take it to Bob with authority. Maybe I got a defect. I have other wax wood things that are as durable as can be. Don't know