Deluxe Midnight Blue Tang Soo Do Belt
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CenturyDeluxe Midnight Blue Tang Soo Do Belt

Century is proud to announce the addition of a midnight blue tang soo do belt to our collection! In tang soo do, this color of belt is often used to indicate the highest rank in lieu of black. The color symbolizes the ongoing learning that follows gaining the highest rank, where black is seen to represent finality. Our Deluxe Midnight Blue Tang Soo Do Belts are 2” wide and made of 100% cotton.
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Item Number: 01111-621

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Deluxe Midnight Blue Tang Soo Do Belt


Skill Level : Advanced

One of the best quality Tang Soo Do belts I have seen to date. Would only recommend it for adult students though. The belt is very stiff, which I like. However, it would be difficult for younger students to keep it tied. I don't think Century should change anything about this belt but should instead come up with one that is not so stiff for younger students.