Century is proud to work with our carefully selected distribution channels across North America. Many of our relationships date back to the founding of Century and we consider you an integral part of the Century family.

As with any multi-faceted sales and distribution organization, our goal is to create the best possible environment for our consumer base. It is also essential to create an environment where the consumer can learn about the benefits of our products and to also promote a transparent relationship with our sales channels who actually sell the product.

With this in mind, we worked closely with our legal team to create a Century Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. We believe that the Century MAP Policy that we have created will be comprehensive and simple in execution within your particular area of distribution.

After prompt confirmation of receipt, please carefully review the Century MAP Policy, which we have included within this letter. It is important to note that the Century MAP Policy is not an agreement with your business. There is no requirement for your business to sign and return the policy.

If you have any questions about the Century MAP Policy, please don’t hesitate in contacting our MAPP Administration Team at The Century MAP Policy has been clearly defined and reviewed within our employee base. No Century employee is permitted to change it, waive it or accept different terms proposed by your business.

The Century MAP Policy will go into effect on March 1, 2015. Your business’s compliance with the new policy is voluntary. However, Century will not accept nor process any Century product orders from any non-compliant distributors, retailers, schools and other various sales channels.

We are excited to build on our relationship in 2015! We wish you great success as we collectively build on Century’s status as the World Leader in Martial Arts.


David Wahl

Senior Vice President, Century


As a leader and innovator of martial arts training equipment, and consistent with our core philosophy that the practice of martial arts can profoundly change lives, Century is proud of its role in pioneering new designs and modernizing centuries-old traditions. Our goal is to enhance the experience for all Century consumers and ensure that we meet the quality and service expectations that our consumers demand.

We recognize that our authorized Century retailers invest significant time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. To support your efforts, Century has established this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) with the intent of promoting superior customer service consistent with Century’s brand image, which Century consumers have come to expect from all Century authorized dealers, and to insure customer satisfaction and goodwill.


    1. Century will set, and will from time to time update, its list (the “MAP List”) of products (“MAP Products”) that are subject to this MAP Policy. The MAP List will be provided (physically or electronically) to all authorized Century retailers in our line sheets and price guides. Century reserves the right to update or modify the MAP List at any time.

    1. Authorized Century retailers may advertise MAP Products at or above the MAP List prices. Century products not listed on the MAP List are not subject to this MAP Policy.

    1. Advertising any MAP Product below the MAP List price will violate this MAP Policy.

    1. This MAP Policy applies to the advertisement of MAP Products in any media, including, without limitation, website features such as automated “bounce back” pricing e-mails, price display for items prior to being placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and all similar features that are initiated by the authorized Century retailer rather than by the customer.

    1. It shall not be a violation of this MAP Policy to advertise in general that the authorized Century retailer has “the lowest prices” or will match or beat its competitors’ prices, or to use similar phrases, provided of course that such statements are truthful and so long as the authorized Century retailer does not include any advertised price below the MAP List price and otherwise complies with this MAP Policy.

    1. From time to time Century may permit authorized Century retailers to advertise MAP Products at prices lower than the MAP List price. In such events, which shall be known as MAP Holidays, Century reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP List price with respect to the affected MAP Product[s] for a specified period of time by providing advance notice to authorized Century retailers of such changes.

    1. Authorized Century retailers shall not advertise Century products (whether or not they are MAP Products) as a bundle with or as part of a package that includes products not manufactured or approved in advance by Century.

    1. Authorized Century retailers may advertise storewide sales, promotions, etc., but shall not advertise additional discounts, coupons, gift cards, or incentives specific to Map Products where the effect would be to reduce the price of any MAP Product below the MAP List. Advertising specific to Map Products that includes additional discounts, coupons, gift cards, points, or incentives for future purchases will violate this MAP Policy.

    1. For advertising of any form where Century products are depicted, authorized Century retailers may use images of Century products (whether or not MAP Products) that are provided by Century if those Century products actually are being offered for sale by the authorized Century retailer. Authorized Century retailers may also use images of Century products not provided by Century, but only after receiving written approval from Century to do so.

    1. In the event of a violation of this MAP Policy, Century may: (a) cancel existing orders from such authorized Century retailer; (b) remove such authorized Century retailer from the list of authorized Century retailers (and thus rescind all privileges afforded to authorized Century retailers); and (c) take such other action as Century, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

    1. This MAP Policy applies to all retailers located that advertise the sale of Century products for sale in the United States

    1. This MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices, is non-negotiable and will not be modified for any retailer.

    1. Century recognizes that authorized Century retailers unilaterally set the retail price at which they sell Century products. This MAP Policy does not, and is not intended to, obligate authorized Century retailers to set any minimum retail price for Century products. This policy only applies to advertising of products below MAP.

    1. This MAP Policy is void and inapplicable wherever prohibited by law.


    1. All questions, comments or concerns regarding this MAP Policy shall only be directed to the Century MAPP Administration Team at


Item# MAP Products Minimum Advertised Price
10142 Powerline Wavemaster jr $129.99
10152 KidKick Wavemaster $99.99
10162 Original Wavemaster $139.99
10175 Bobby Bully Wavemaster $229.99
10176 XXL Wavemaster $339.99
10177 2XL Pro Wavemaster $359.99
10184 Versys VS.1 $249.99
10185 Versys VS.2 $349.99
10186 Versys VS.3 $449.99
10187 Versys V.Spar.1 $149.99
10188 Versys V.Spar.2 $199.99
101531 Lil' Dragon Wavemaster $99.99
101621 TKD Wavemaster $199.99
101622 Powerlne Wavemaster $179.99
101692 BOB XL Wavemaster $349.99
101693 Sparring BOB Wavemaster $269.99
101721 Cardio Wavemaster $139.99
101771 2XL Pro Wavemaster with Zones $399.99
101982 UFC Backlash Bag $99.99
101991 Reactor Bag $99.99
101629P Super X Wavemaster Combo $204.99



Last updated: January 2015

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