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Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series  Volume 3
Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series  Volume 3

Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series Volume 3

Proven Kyushojutsu techniques that will disable any attacker regardless of martial discipline. Taught from hands on experience, not theory. Rogers is a 4th Dan Black Belt Master Rank in Okinawan Kempo and an expert in Kyushojutsu.
He has also attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Tae kwon do and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Japanese Taijutsu. He has also cross trained in several other arts, most notably western boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Five volume titles to choose from.
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Item Number: SCOTTD-V03

Volume 1:

Fundamentals of Pressure Points - Arms and Set Ups
Includes the most important points in the kyushojutsu system; arms and the legs. The most effective and practical points will be taught with the proper angle and direction for activation. Explores how one point will weaken another by teaching and demonstrating specific combos designed to gain maximum control of an opponent. Learn revival techniques, which will allow to reverse the damage being caused and training drills to develop all the skills contained within the series.
Approx. 48 min.

Volume 2:

Fundamentals of Pressure Points - Head, Neck and Torso
Demonstrates the knockout power of the head neck and torso pressure points. When one absolutely has to knock an opponent unconsciousness, these are the points to effectively get the job done. Combined with the arm and leg points, be armed with the knowledge and skill to render an opponent disabled or unconsciousness in any self-defense or combat scenario. All points will be demonstrated and taught with proper angles and directions needed for maximum results. Proper hand positions will be revealed to allow one to reach and activate these points, as well as the teaching of proper revival techniques. Real knockouts included.
Approx. 52 min.

Volume 3:

Pressure Point Knockouts - Simple Attacks
Learn real street worthy self-defense against common simple attacks ranging from grabbing to choking. All techniques are shown from multiple angles and are broken down into their components which will allow to easily master them with a bit of practice. All techniques will end in the knockout of an opponent and real knockout footage of the points in action will be included.
Approx. 46 min.

Volume 4:

Pressure Point Knockouts - Moving Attacks with Sparring Tips
How to apply a pressure point knockout to a real opponent who is resisting and trying to take someone out. Not only learn how to knock out an opponent during a punching exchange, but also learn three complete blocking systems to guarantee to knock him out before he knocks someone out. Real knockouts included.
Approx. 49 min.

Volume 5:

Pressure Points and Grappling - Four Basic Positions
Learn how to enhance many holds and locks, some very unique pressure point takedowns, as well as unique pressure point methods for escaping the mount and the guard positions. Also, learn several ways to counter the infamous shoot and how to use pressure points to turn it to the advantage. If never grappled before, these techniques will help to defend if ever in the unfortunate position to be on the ground in a street fight. Real knockouts included.
Approx. 34 min.

Volume 6:

Advanced Pressure Point Fighting Strategies
Approx. 52 min.

Volume 7:

Fingertip Power
Approx. 59 min.

Volume 8:

Pressure Point Sticking Hands and Other Two-Person Drills
Approx. 53 min.

Volume 9:

How to Attack Pressure Points Using Kicking Techniques
Approx. 47 min.