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From the victor’s epic tale to the outcast’s lament, the stories of life’s journey never cease. As biographies are built, the martial arts provide an unparalleled armor of honor, service, and courage to not just trudge through the valleys, but vanquish great mountains. Join us and witness the unconquerable spirit of incredible martial artists, whose journeys expand the vision of all who listen.

The Journey of Kevin Thompson

The Journey of Kevin Thompson

Watch the amazing journey of legendary sport martial artist and Team Paul Mitchell Karate member Kevin Thompson. The highly decorated athlete is currently battling his toughest foe, in ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). To participate in the Kevin Thompson Board Breaking Challenge, post your board breaking video to Facebook using hashtags #KAStrong & #ChallengeALS and donate to ALS research here:



Once your board breaking video is posted, email a video link and your shipping address to and we’ll send you a free gift for participating.

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