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Creed Wrist Wrap Bag Gloves
century creed wrist wrap bag gloves blk/wht 146004
century creed wrist wrap bag gloves blk/wht 146004
Creed Wrist Wrap Bag Gloves

Creed Wrist Wrap Bag Gloves

These professional quality gloves are made specifically for the rigorous daily training sessions of the serious martial artist. Made with genuine leather and reinforced seam stitching for unmatched durability, these gloves feature locking wrist wraps and contoured, high-compression, multi-layered foam for maximum impact absorption. The interior features a quick drying, anti-slip fabric for supreme comfort.
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Best Full Bag Glove on the Market

Skill Level : Advanced

Krav Maga School owner with over 15 years experience. After recommending the Harbinger bag glove for the past 10 years, I'm switching to this Century Bag Glove. As far as I've found, they are the only 2 full leather, double knuckle bag gloves on the market. The quality is high with solid, sturdy construction. The wrist wrap with the double velcro is far superior to the Harbinger glove, addressing one of the biggest annoyances of the Harbingers. The material on the fingers cuffs is more comfortable than the Harbingers, as is the inside material. The mesh palm is nice. They'll fit very tight at first wear, exactly what you want so they break in to your hand. And they smell like a baseball mitt! A+