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Actionflex Gloves
century actionflex gloves black 11488
century actionflex gloves black 11488
Actionflex Gloves

Actionflex Gloves

The Actionflex Gloves feature high-density, impact resistant foam with coverage from wrist to fingertips. The double-stitched knuckle joints provide a superior grip, while perforated padding provides optimal ventilation. Designed specifically for padded weapons training.
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Item Number: 11488-010

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Design Flaw in the Padding

Skill Level : Advanced

If the rating system let me give half star reviews, I would give these gloves a 2.5 star rating for a design flaw that was overlooked in their construction.

The gloves appear to me to be inspired by historical Japanese samurai glove armor, which is fine.

There’s a combination of hard padding around the wrists and segmented soft foam pads on the fingers in order to let your fingers continue to move and flex as needed.

The grip was fine and I didn’t have a problem with my hands being overheated.

Soft foam padding is provided for the knuckles, side of the forefinger and the top of all fingers except for the forefinger.

When I used the gloves for the first time in a sparring session, I wielded a foam sword against a partner who sported a double tipped foam staff. During the session, he swung the staff at me like a baseball bat. I didn’t catch the staff on my blade. The staff struck my right hand on the top of my right forefinger where there was no padding provided at all.

I soldiered on, but I was disappointed by the oversight in the padding placement.

If you return items to Century, you have to pay return shipping and a 6% restocking fee.

I can also take the gloves to a local tailor and have additional padding hand stitched onto the top of the forefinger.

I decided to go with option 2, but I’m not pleased about the extra expense and the lack of foresight by the glove designer.