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Great for carrying books and notepads to school, or taking your training gear on the go! This backpack features two adjustable back straps, double-zipper main pouch and smaller single-zipper front pouch with pockets for pens and a phone/MP3 player, plus headphone slit. Side mesh pocket holds a water bottle.
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Item Number: 2180B-010


  • Size: 13.5"W X 17.5"H
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Great product! Amazing customer service!

Skill Level : Beginner

This is mainly a review of customer service.

I bought this item a few month ago and after a month; a small year started in the bottom corner.

I contacted century about this and they immediately replaced the item free of charge.

This item is very versatile; although I wish it had dedicated areas for training weapons. As a regular back pack; the new replacement is well made and holding up far better then it's predecessor.

I'm very pleased with my purchase and the amazing customer service I got regarding this item.
-Sensei Mitchell Pennell